Unilab ActiveHealth Bloggers Meet

I attended the Unilab ActiveHealth Bloggers Meet Event last Thurs, October 14 at Casa Armas in Podium as a representative for one of my blogs, Marathon Philippines.

It was nice to meet other bloggers and see the faces behind those blogs. It is great that companies like Unilab is helping promote health, fitness and having an active lifestyle for the whole family. I hope my whole family would be able to enjoy these kind of events in the near future.

Know more about Unilab ActiveHealth and their 3 upcoming events: Bike United (Biking Event), Tri United (Triathlon) and Run United 2 (Running Event).

Thank you to Unilab for the invitation, specially for the delicious food and lots of giveaways at the event.

You can also win a special gift pack from Unilab, check mechanics at Unilab ActiveHealth Readers Promo

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