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Back to School


I am currently taking up a course on Project Management in UP ITTC (Information Technology Training Center). It has been a while since I have enrolled in a short course (Not actually short because this is a 56-hour program). It is like being back in school again with lectures, group discussions and presentations.

Although I already know most of the concepts in Project Management from my previous companies, it is good to learn not only from our PM Instructors but from the experiences of our classmates as well. I will be managing my own big projects very soon and this course will really help me be more efficient.

This course is actually not just for IT but for Project Management in general, everyone can benefit from this course even if you do not like to be a Project Manager since all of us are currently managing different kinds of small and big Projects like buying gadgets, organizing parties, choosing a course, etc.

Know more about UP ITTC

Last July 2011, I enrolled in Photographing Architecture at the Filipinas Heritage Library in Makati. Visit http://www.filipinaslibrary.org.ph. This year I am planning to enroll in a Travel Photography Class.

Learning is a never-ending process for me and I will continue to attend short courses, seminars and conferences in the future. View upcoming Philippine Seminars