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Playstation and Rockband Rentals

Playstation Rockband
I have been a big Playstation fan ever since the Playstation 1 came out, I was addicted to some games like Metal Gear, Uncharted, Final Fantasy, NBA 2k and other games. And for a time I was addicted also to playing Rockband, but since I got busy there was a time that I have not touched my PS3 Slim and Rockband 2 for weeks.

I thought of selling all my equipment at first but a money making idea came up, I did not research much if there is a market for Playstation and Rockband Rentals, I just posted in Sulit and other Forums and as they say, the rest is history…

From Christmas Parties, Product Launches, Debut and Birthday Parties – you can check the events that used my PS3 and/or Rockband at this site – Playstation and Rockband for Rent